Taking health care to the doorsteps is the principle behind this initiative and is intended to reach underserved areas. Under National Health Mission (NHM), provision of Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) in each District is one of the strategies to improve access. The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) under NHM in Meghalaya aims to take primary health care needs / medical care services to the doorstep of people in rural areas of the state giving due importance to the hard to reach areas. MMU provide access to basic health care which otherwise would require people to travel long distances. All services are provided free of cost to people under the NHM initiative. In Meghalaya, so far only 7 districts have been allotted with 3 vehicles Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) equipped with diagnostic facilities such as portable X-ray machines, microscopes, ECG equipment, Ultrasound machine and generators.


  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India supports the programme financially under NHM scheme.
  • Director of Health Services (MCH&FW), NHM, Government of Meghalaya monitors the performance of service delivery of MMUs.
  • District Health Societies manage the daily operations of MMU including monthly field plans.
  • MMU team comprising of one Medical Officer, two nurses, two technicians, one helper and three drivers, delivers the services.
  • Target beneficiaries are for the hard to reach areas.


National Ambulance Service (NAS):-

The National Ambulance Service scheme in Meghalaya is a state wide public sector administered referral transport service which provides coverage in all the 11 districts of the state under National Health Mission. Free transportation services are provided to pregnant women and sick infants (up to 1 year of age) accessing public health facilities. The service is provided for transporting the ill to a public sector health facility or from a public sector facility to a higher referral centre, or back home after discharge. One of the key components under referral transport includes ensuring universal access to referral transport throughout the State, including transport to difficult and hard to reach areas.


At present there are a total of 126 numbers of functional Ambulances stationed at various health facilities throughout the state.

  • All the districts of Meghalaya are covered under this scheme.
  • Under the NAS scheme, the ambulances are so distributed that almost all the District Hospitals, Community Health Centres & Primary Health Centres are allotted with at least one Ambulance.
  • Some districts has also tied up with some local private vehicle operators (such as the pink & green taxi’s in East Khasi Hills) in providing free referral transport services to the beneficiaries under JSSK.


  • To reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate in the State of Meghalaya by ensuring that pregnant women reach the healthcare institution in time.
  • To facilitate in transporting other kinds cases such as accidents & other ailments also.
  • Easy access to ambulance services.