Governing Body

A. Governing Body

Chairperson : Chief Secretary/Development Commissioner
Co-Chair : Development Commissioner
Vice-Chair : Principal/Secretary (Health & Family Welfare)
Convener : Officer designated as Mission Director of State Health Mission


  1. Secretaries of the NRHM related Departments: Health & FW, Finance, AYUSH, Women and Child Development, Public Health Engineering, Water and Sanitation, Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Tribal/SC Welfare, Urban Affairs and Planning and Programme Implementation.
    DHS, Director AYUSH
  2. GoI representative(s): MoHFW nominee.
  3. Representatives of Development Partners supporting the NRHM in the State
  4. Nominated non-official members: Four to six members (Public Health Professionals, MNGO representatives/ representatives of Medical Associations)
  5. Regional Directors

Frequency of meetings: At least once in every six months Ordinary Business of the Governing Body Meeting:

  • Approval / endorsement of Annual State Action Plan for the NRHM.
    Consideration of proposals for institutional reforms in the H&FW sector.
  • Review of implementation of the Annual Action Plan.
  • Inter-sectoral co-ordination: all NRHM related sectors and beyond (e.g. administrative reforms across the State).
  • Status of follow up action on decisions of the State Health Mission.
  • Co-ordination with NGOs/Donors/other agencies/organisations.

B. Executive Committee

Chairperson : Principal Secretary/Secretary, FW

Co-Chair (s) : Principal Secretary/Secretary, Health/FW (in case of separate secretaries in the State)

Vice Chair : Director, Health & FW

Convener : Executive Director/Mission Director (To be an IAS Officer of JAG/Selection Grade)

Joint Secretaries: State Programme Managers/Project Directors of National Disease Control Programme


  1. Director, AYUSH
  2. Secretaries / technical officers from NRHM related sectors
  3. Executive Secretary, State AIDS Control Society [ for the States which decide not to merge it with State Health & FW Society].
  4. MoHFW, GoI representative.
  5. Regional Directors

Frequency of meetings: At least once in every month

Ordinary Business:

  • Detailed expenditure and implementation review.
  • Approval of proposals from districts and other implementing agencies/District Action Plans.
  • Execution of the approved State Action Plan, including release of funds for programmes at State level as per Annual Action Plan.
  • Release of funds to the District Health Societies.
  • Finalization of working arrangements for intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral co-ordination.
  • Follow up action on decisions of the Governing Body.

Composite Organogram of the State Mission and the State Society

The State Mission and the State Society are inter-linked in terms of a common secretariat as depicted below: