Health Infrastructure

Sub-Centres (SCs)

The  Sub-Centre  is  the  most  peripheral  and  first  contact  point  between  the  primary health care system and the community.  Each Sub-Centre is required to be manned by at least one Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) / Female Health Worker and one Male Health WorkerOne Lady Health Visitor (LHV) is entrusted with the task of supervision of six Sub-Centres.  Sub-Centres are assigned tasks  relating  to interpersonal communication in order to bring about behavioural change and provide services in  relation  to  maternal  and  child  health,  family  welfare, nutrition, immunization, diarrhea control and control of communicable diseases programmes. The Sub-Centres are provided with basic drugs for minor ailments needed for taking care of essential health needs of men, women and children.  The  Ministry  of  Health  &  Family  Welfare  is  providing  100%  Central assistance  to  all  the  Sub-Centres  in  the  country  since  April  2002  in  the  form  of  salary  of ANMs and LHVs, rent at the rate of Rs. 3000/- per annum and contingency at the rate of Rs. 3200/- per annum, in addition to drugs and equipment kits. The salary of the Male Worker is borne by the State Governments.

Primary Health Centres (PHCs)

PHC is the first contact point between village community and the Medical Officer. The PHCs were envisaged to provide an integrated curative and preventive health care to the rural  population  with  emphasis  on  preventive  and  promotive  aspects  of  health  care.  The PHCs are established and maintained by the State Governments under the Minimum Needs Programme (MNP)/ Basic Minimum Services Programme (BMS). As per minimum requirement, a PHC is to be manned by a Medical Officer supported by 14 paramedical and other staff.   It acts as a referral unit for 6 Sub Centres.   It has 4 - 6 beds for patients.  The activities  of  PHC  involve  curative,  preventive,  promotive  and  Family  Welfare  Services.

Community Health Centres (CHCs) 

CHCs  are  being  established  and  maintained  by  the  State  Government  under MNP/BMS programme . As per minimum norms, a CHC is required to be manned by four medical specialists i.e. Surgeon, Physician, Gynecologist and Pediatrician supported by 21 paramedical and other staff. It has 30 in-door beds with one OT, X-ray, Labour Room and Laboratory facilities. It serves as a referral centre for 4 PHCs and also provides facilities for obstetric care and specialist consultations.

List of Hospitals

Sl No DH Hospital Name Block Name of District
1 Ganesh Das Hospital Mylliem Block East Khasi Hills
2 Civil Hospital Shillong
3 RP Chest Hospital
4 Nongstoin DH Nongstoin Block West Khasi Hills
5 Tirot Singh Memorial Hospital
6 Jowai DH Thadlaskein Block West Jaintia Hills
7 Nongpoh DH Umling Block Ri bhoi
8 Tura Civil Hospital Rongram Block West Garo Hills
9 Tura MCH Hospital
10 Williamnagar Civil Hospital Samanda Block East Garo Hills
11 Baghmara DH Baghmara Block South Garo Hills