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National Programme for Control Of Blindness

Summary about the programme

The programme was launched in the year 1976 as a 100% Centrally Sponsored Programme with the goal of achieving a prevalence rate of Blindness to 0.3% of population. It is in the year 2005, April that it is included in the umbrella of the NRHM. With nearly 70% of the Indian population residing in the rural areas, it is but natural that a significant proportion of Blindness and ocular mobility would be concentrated in these areas.

The four pronged strategies of the programme are:-

  • Strengthening service delivery
  • Developing human resources for eye care
  • Prompting outreach activities and public awareness
  • Developing institutional

The implementation of the Programme was decentralized in 1994-1995 with the formation of District Blindness Control Societies where the funds were released directly to them. Subsequently, in 1999, the State Blindness Control Society was formed and funds to the Districts were routed from the Centre through the State Society. During the XIth Plan, when NRHM came into being, the NPCB also included in its broad umbrella, the DBCS under the District Health Societies and SBCS under the State Health Society.

The Primary purpose of the State Health Society (Blindness Division) under NRHM, is to plan, implement and monitor blindness control activities in all the Districts of the State as per the pattern of assistance approved for NPCB by cabinet in the Centre.

The various functions of the society are:-

  1. To co-ordinate and Monitor with all the Districts Health Societies (Blindness Division)
  2. To conduct regular review Meetings with Districts in co-ordination with centre
  3. To procure equipment and drugs which required in G.O.I. facilities.
  4. To receive and monitor use of funds/equipments and materials from the government and other agencies.
  5. To involve voluntary organisation and private practitioner in providing free/subsidized eye care services in districts and identify NGO facilities that can be considered for Non-recurring grants under NPCB
  6. To Promote Eye Donation through various media.

Status of the Programme

Target and Achievements of the Year 2012‐13 MBCS, Shillong