Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS)/ Hospital Management Committee(HMC)


Rogi Kalyan Samiti/ Hospital Management Society is a registered society, which acts as a group of trustees for the hospitals to manage the affairs of the hospital. It consists of members from local Village councils, NGOs, local elected representatives and officials from Government sector who are responsible for proper functioning and management of the hospital / Community Health Centre / FRUs. RKS / HMS is free to prescribe, generate and use the funds with it as per its best judgement for smooth functioning and maintaining the quality of services.

The RKS/HMS will not function as a Government agency, but as an NGO as far as functioning is concerned. It may utilize all Government assets and services to impose user charges and shall be free to determine the quantum of charges on the basis of local circumstances. It may also raise funds additionally through donations, loans from financial institutions, grants from government as well as other donor agencies. Moreover, funds received by the RKS / HMS will not be deposited in the State exchequer but will be available to be spent by the Executive Committee constituted by the RKS/HMS. Private organizations offering high tech services like pathology, MRI, CAT SCAN, Sonography etc. could be permitted to set up their units within the hospital premises in return for providing their services at a rate fixed by the RKS/ HMS.


Currently the RKS which have been set up in the various districts in the District Hospital, CHC and PHC are as follows:

District District Hospital CHC PHC
East Khasi Hills District 1 6 23
West Khasi Hills District 1 5 19
Ri Bhoi District 1 5 8
Jaintia Hills District 1 3 18
West Garo hills District 1 7 18
East Garo hills District 1 2 16
South Garo hills District 1 1 7
Total 7 29 109


The training for RKS members have not really taken pace. In this year’s Plan, it has been decided that atleast 4 members of each RKS will be trained by the DPMU and BPMU.

Address of the Office:

The concerned District Hospital/PHC/CHC located at each District.

Name of the Officer In charge with contact number

The Civil Surgeon/ Medical Officer in charge of the District Hospital/PHC/CHC located at each District.

RKS Achievement