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Community Monitoring

Community monitoring is an integral part of the community process under NRHM and efforts has to be made to educate and capacitate community member to assess, review and suggest recommendation in the implementation of health programmes, which will enhance participation of people in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of public health programmes. Community monitoring is not a fault finding exercise but it is a tool to strengthening the existing system through mutual understanding and respect. Transparency is the base work in community monitoring.

As any other state, Meghalaya has taken up 3 pilot Districts viz Jaintia Hills, East Khasi Hills and West Garo Hills for implementation of Community Monitoring activities. In each district 3 blocks has been identified giving a total of 9 blocks and in each block 3 PHC has been identified covering a total of 27 PHCs. Also in each PHC areas 5/7 revenue villages has been identified.


  • To build the capacity of community members to participate and monitor health programme and health institution.
  • To form committee for community monitoring at various levels who will conduct social audit of health institutions every month.
  • To review the process and publication of finding as public report.


Training and capacity building of community groups and committee will be undertaken by NGOs and the civil societies. Materials and modules of training along with assessment formats and report cards will be printed and provided to the community groups. Capacity building will be done on holding public hearing, public dialogue and assessment of health services.

Committee for community monitoring will be formed with the help of the nodal NGOs incorporating, civil societies, legislative members of local government/durbars, RKS members, public representatives, etc. the committee will be capacitated to hold social audit and hold public hearings and initiate testimonies and document adverse outcome.

Committee for community monitoring will prepare public document for bases of review, audit and public hearing along with the nodal agency and will publish the same for public as well as suggest modification for government health authorities.

People Involved – Meghalaya

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