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National Urban Health Mission

The NUHM in Meghalaya was implemented in June 2014 and in three districts namely Shillong, Jowai and Tura.


The National Urban Health Mission would aim to improve the health status of the urban population in general, but particularly of the poor and other disadvantaged sections, by facilitating equitable access to quality health care through a revamped public health system, partnerships, community based mechanism with the active involvement of the urban local bodies.

The National Urban Health Mission aims to address the health concerns of the urban poor through facilitating equitable access to available health facilities by rationalizing and strengthening of the existing capacity of health delivery for improving the health status of the urban poor. This will be done in a manner to ensure that well identified facilities are set up for each segment of target population, which can be accessed conveniently.

The NUHM would have high focus on:-

  • Urban Poor Population living in listed and unlisted slums.
  • All other vulnerable population such as homeless, rag-pickers, street children, rickshaw pullers, construction and brick and lime kiln workers, sex workers and other temporary migrants.
  • Public health thrust on sanitation, clean drinking water, vector control, etc.
  • Strengthening public health capacity of urban local bodies.
  • Based on GIS mapping, the cities would identify existing public sector health facilities to act as referral points for different types of healthcare services like maternal health, child health, diabetes, trauma care, orthopaedic complications, dental surgeries, mental health, critical illness, deafness control, cancer management, tobacco counseling /cessation, critical illness,surgical cases etc.
  • NUHM would provide strengthening support as per the city PIP subject to approval at appropriate levels.

Core Strategies:-

The exigencies of the situation as detailed in the aforesaid chapters merit the consideration of the strategies given below. These strategies may be implemented mainly by strengthening the existing public health systems. In some big cities where credible private sector or other public sector exists, partnerships may be developed with them through:-
  • Public private partnerships i.e. with private service providers or with NGOs/ faith based organizations, and
  • Through public-public partnerships, i.e. partnership with Railways hospitals, ESIC, Public sector companies hospitals etc.

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