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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a process involving assessment leading to improving, followed by further assessment and improvement. It is to objectively and systematically monitor and evaluate services offered to clients in accordance with pre-established standards and to resolve identified problems and pursue opportunities for improving services, leading to client satisfaction, services that the client views as good, desirable and of high quality. It is comprehensive and multifaceted concept that measures how well client’s expectations and providers technical standards are being met.

In the State, Quality Assurance has just been implemented with one Quality Assurance Consultant and one Data Entry Operator (DEO) in the Headquarter with one Data Entry Operator (DEO) in each of the 7 Districts. From implementation the State Quality Assurance team has visited 58 facilities and completed training of DQAG members in the 7 Districts. In the meantime, 4 new Districts have been formed in the State. The Government of India has implemented Quality Assurance along with the RMNCH+A with the new guidelines to be started from 2014-15.

  1. Activity proposed: Ascertaining that quality services are available at the doorstep of the people.
  2. Name of the activity: Quality Assurance.
  3. It is a new programme to be implemented in the District and in the State level with new guidelines etc.
  4. The programme has just been started in the previous year. Training of the DQAG members have been completed in all the 7 Districts. 4 new Districts have in the meantime been formed in the State and most of the trained members of DQAG in the districts have been transferred. In 2013, the SQA team could visit only 16 facilities and the DQAG teams have visited 62 facilities.
  5. Justification: The facilities need to be assessed and ascertained that quality services are available to the people, from the hospital upto the grassroot level specially in the RMNCH+A services.
  6. Deliverables: The State can make a commitment to ensure quality services with dedicated teams for quality Assurance at the State and at the District level with timely intervention after review and analysis by the DQAC & SQAC.
  7. Funding proposed: Funding is being proposed as per the Government of India guidelines.
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