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State Programme Management Unit (SPMU)

The SPMU will act as the secretariat to the State Health Mission as well as the State Society. Headed by an Executive Director/Mission Director, the SPMU will have experts in the areas of human resources, BCC, M&E and other technical areas, recruited from the open market. The SPMU will provide the technical support to the State Health Mission through its pool of skilled professionals like MBA, CA, MIS Specialist and Consultants for RCH and other National Disease Control Programmes. This technical pool would be accessed by all programmes under NRHM for providing specific programme support related to logistics, financial management, MIS, tracking of funds etc.

After sanction of State Action Plan by the Governing Body of State Health Society and of District Plans by the Executive Committee, funds could be released through joint signatures of two authorized signatories (viz. State Program Manager/DHS and Secretary (HFW/Mission Director). The actual release of funds could either be made by the concerned Programme Management Unit with a copy of the sanction letter to the SPMU, or vice-a-versa as per the decided State model. However, the responsibility of financial management, including tracking of funds, preparation of Utilization Certificates and audit of the Society, shall be overseen by the SPMU.

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