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Suggested Action Plan

  1. State level: The states would need advise the District CMOs and sensitise them on the urgency and need for the name based tracking of pregnant women and immunization of children.
  2. District level: The District CMOs would need to hold meetings of the Block Medical Officers immediately to sensitise them on this initiative.
  3. Block level: The Block Medical Officers would need to hold meetings of the ANMs/ASHAs/Block Level Officials/ Block Program Management Unit/LHW to apprise them of the details and decide on the modalities for getting the primary information on name based tracking of pregnant women and immunization of children. ASHAs are to play a vital role in gathering information for the ANMs.
  4. ANM/ASHA level: After the ANM has captured the base information for the name based tracking of pregnant women and immunization of children and passed on to the Block PHC, she would be reporting the services delivered to the pregnant women and children based on the stipulated dates as per the ANC schedule and immunization schedule each month. Each pregnant mother/child record will result in the generation of a Unique ID with which the pregnant mother/child can be tracked subsequently.
  5. Important: On no account, i.e. for want of an ID number or otherwise,will service be denied to a pregnant woman for ANC/PNC checkups or a child for immunization. The ID number would be generated by the system and would be available at the time of next updation on the computer system.

Action Plan

  1. Identity Numbers: The Identity Numbers to be allocated to the pregnant women and children is to be as follows:
Digits (Nos) Item Description /Remarks
01-02 (2) State Code As per Census codes
03-04 (2) District Code As per Census codes
05-07 (3) Block PHC/CHC Code As per Census codes given to Block HQ
08-09 (2) Health Sub-Centre Code To be serially given by Block HQ.
10-10 (1) Pregnant Woman – Code 1
Child – Code 2
11-12 (2) Year Code Last 2 digits for the year is to be given, for example, for the year 2009, “09” will be entered and so on
13-16 (4) To be given serially to each mother / child from 1st December, 2009 starting from 5000 From 1st April each year, the codes will be given afresh starting from 0001.
Total: 16 digits    
  1. Supervisory checks: The field functionaries are to be constantly encouraged to capture information of all pregnant women and children so that they can monitor the progress of service delivery to the target beneficiaries. However, supervisory checks may also be carried out as per the following guideline to ensure correctness of primary data and services delivered.
S.No. Level % of cases for monthly checks
1. State 1%
2. District 2%
3. Block 5%
  1. Training Institutions for training on HMIS and Use of Data
    The States may entrust a training institution in the State, say, the State Institute for Health & Family Welfare (SIHFW), RHFWTC, SHSRC or at the District level, to take up responsibilities for imparting training on the following:
  • Technical support for the name based tracking of pregnant women and child immunization at the District and Sub District level.
  • Data capturing on the HMIS Portal, preparation of Reports, analysing data (both HMIS and Survey data) and using it for local action and planning. This would include populating the facility masters, mapping of health facilities and data capture at the Sub-District/Facility level on the HMIS Portal.
  • Data capturing for the National Health Programmes and FMRs from the District level
  • Steps to be taken for improving the quality of data at various levels.

The assistance required from the Ministry or NHSRC for capacity building at the State/District level may also kindly be indicated.

  1. Potential Offshoots/Benefits
  • Better control on estimates of infant and maternal mortality
  • Off-take of JSY benefits
  • Improved supply chain management of vaccines and drugs
  • Focussed deployment of personnel based on the case load
  • Improvement in Registration of births
  • Used as basis for ICDS, Primary education, Adolescent health
  • Better data analysis for preparation of Block/District health action plans and State PIPs with realistic/accurate denominators.
  1. Related Issues
  • Information from Private Sector Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinic etc
  • Ethical use of information
  • Privacy and Data Sharing Issues
  • Standards
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