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Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC)


Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC) has been implemented in the state of Meghalaya since the inception of NRHM in the state itself. The VHSC are village level bodies which comprise key stakeholders in a village and which serve as a forum for village planning and monitoring. Usually the members of the Village Council are made to be the members of the VHSC. The VHSC sees that no section of the village community is excluded from health services, that all the health service providers are available during immunisation day/Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) and are able to alert authorities in case of unscheduled cancellations of the same. The VHSC ensures that local transport arrangements are available for pregnant women, especially for those with complications and sick newborn to reach the referral facility, and that in an emergency, this transport is available on a cashless basis with reimbursement later. It also sees that nutrition supplement and food security programmes reach the pregnant and lactating woman. The Village Health and Sanitation Committee of the village would prepare the Village Health Plan, and promote intersectoral integration.

Every such committee duly constituted and oriented would be entitled to an annual untied grant of Rs.10, 000/- which shall be credited to a bank account, and this shall be operated with the joint signature of ASHA/Health Link Worker/Anganwadi Worker along with the President of the Village Health & Sanitation Committee/Rangbah Shnong or Nokma of the Village Council. The account maintenance of this joint account shall be the responsibility of the Village Health & Sanitation Committee especially the ASHA/AWW [wherever no ASHA]. The Village Health & Sanitation Committee, the ASHA/AWW shall maintain a register of funds received and expenditure incurred. The register shall be available for public scrutiny and shall be inspected from time to time by the ANM/MPW/Village Council.

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