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Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS) Programme

Iron deficiency aneamia adversely affects transport of oxygen tissues and results in diminished work capacity and physical performance.During adolescents ,iron deficiency aneamia can result the impaired physical growth ,poor cognitive development ,reduce physical fitness and work performance and lower concentration on daily tasks. Iron defiency in adolescents girls influence the entire life cycle .Anemic girls have lower pre pregnancy stores of iron and pregnancy is too short period to build iron stores to meet the requirements of the growing fetus. Anemic adolescents girls have a higher risk of preterm delivery and having babies with low birth weight .Regular consumption of iron folic acid supplements along with a diet rich in micro nutrients is essential for prevention of iron deficiency anemia in adolescent girls and boys.

The weekly iron folic acid supplementation is an evidence based programmatic response to the prevailing aneamia situation amongst adolescents girls and boys through supervise ingestion of IFAs and bi-annual deworming. The programme envisages benefiting all adolescents girls and boys enroll in all government and government aided schools including students from class 6-12, besides out of schools girls.

The long term goal of the programme is to break the inter generational cycle of aneamia and long term impact on the health of the young people and the short term benefits is of nutritionally improved human capital.

The success of the programme depends on the adherence of the programme protocol, appropriate linkages and mechanisms for utmost intersectoral convergence with the school education department and social welfare department in the state.

WIFS Implementation Target- Beneficiaries

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